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I am trying....

to get back to hanging around here and posting things. I totally fell off the map for awhile. It gets crazy when you try to post things on like three-four different sites. But Imma try to do so again. I have quite alot of things that I need to post here, or at the very least links. That way noone who is under aged can read some of my more unwork safe works. |D

So anyway I thought I would let everyone know I have not died. promise.



Haven't been online in a while, or at least here anyway so here I am!

My new user pic is drawn by a lovely person known as ConjuringaDome! She made me a thumbnail for a story that I am writing for her. It's a bit on the crack side, very rough, smexy as hell if you like Nazi related things, and it is historical in the fact that is is based loosely in WW2 era.

Kakashi is Russian Spy
Gaara is Nazi

Other characters seen in story:
Kakashi's dogs
Shukaku(gaara's pet dog)

Aaaaand that's all I have planned and written out. Chapter one is posted on y-gal! Yay!!


That is all peeps!

Updated! Yay

The Beast & The Dog

Chapter six is up! So here's the linkage!


And I also have....

The Foxy Artiest Chronicals

Chapter Two! Funny was hell.


So read away my wonderful little minions!! And bwt I already have chapter three written. But you will have to wait at least a week from today before you get to read it.


Well laterz,


Started a new fic...

Okay so I really must hate myself. lol. I have another story for all of you to read if you're interested anyway.

"The Beast and the Dog"

Summary -
Fighting off enemy nin, getting all the putang you could ever want, & being a hero was all a guy could ever ask for. Unless ofcourse you counted that you found a man attractive, sctratch that, a very powerful and dangerous man who smelt amazing attractive. Which Kiba tried not to really count but its hard to do so when that scent invades your senses and the guy's really not that bad to look at either. (KibaGaa)

Chapter one -  http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600102622

Remember folks it's adult so if you'r enot over eighteen and you don't agree with Yaoi(males with other males in a sexual way) then don't go there and read it. If you are and you're cool with it have fun with this pairing you don't really see much of. Love to all of you!


I'm here again!

Alright so I realized I needed to get back on livejournal but I'm tired of having so many names that I'm known by so I started this new one with my pen name as the name. ANyway the old me is kishka_kamoe I'd go through the evolution of my name but it would take awhile so that's for another time.

ANYWAY I'm here to link you to a couple of my stories on AFF.net

Now it's several chapters in at this point but if you're new feel free to go to the beginning.

Moon Eyes

This Fanfic contains the following, yaoi (malexmale) Yuri(femxfem) Het(malexfem) blood, gore, rape, angst, evil prevailing over good, strong language, sexual content, DEATH, possible spoilers for those who are behind in the story, and any other horrible thing you can imagin. It is an extremely dark fic that I've created for the Characters of Naruto. Read only if you are over 18, like this sort of thing, and can stomach it. This is a multi paring fic, so there will be pairings that not everyone will like. I will warn people in the title area for the chapter if there is going to be a pairing specific to the chapter. Love you all like always.

Weekly updates Most of the time.

Summary: Madara has won and only a few live to tell the tale of the horific aftershocks and the plan to get back what they lost.

Chapter Prologue - http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600102356
 For those who are knew to the story!

Chapter Twelve - http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600102356&chapter=13
For everyone else. ^^

Black Sand

THis fic contains Yaoi(malexmale) and hints at other pairings as well even a threesome of Team 7. This is set post Akatsuki take down. So I've created a whole new thing for the characters of Naruto. This will contain romance between two men. Gaara and Sai specifically. Don't like that pairing then don't bother following the link peeps. Strong language, DEATH, sex, and OC's that are just to darn cute so get over the fact that they are there.

Oh and Sparatic updates at best.

Summary: You're given the tragic end of two lovers, but what's the beginning? How do two emotionally withdrawn men find love together.

Chapter Prologue - http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600102338
FOr those who are just now starting to read it.

Chapter Five - http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600102338&chapter=6
For my faithful readers. ^^

Okay so there you have it everyone. I'll be sure to check this often enough and chat with anyone who decided to chat me up. ^^



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